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The Globes.

I love awards season. I love the movies that come out, I love the FYC ads, I love all the pretty dresses, I love the shows and all the anticipations.

If there’s one awards show whose nominations always make me go “Hmmm…” it’s the Golden Globes. They also cover television, but I discovered long ago that their television awards are a complete joke, and this year is just another example of that. Pushing Daisies and Lost completely shut out? Yeah, okay HFPA. Whatever you say.

But their movie awards are always interesting. They are a good indicator as to what’s gong to be nominated come Oscar time. But the fact that they split the films into the drama and comedy categories makes for some really unique choices.

Like James Franco getting a Best Actor nomination for Pineapple Express. It’s highly doubtful that he’ll be nominated for an Oscar. If the Globes didn’t have separate categories for comedy, he probably wouldn’t have been nominated for the Globe. That’s not to say he doesn’t deserve the nomination, though. His performance in Pineapple Express was hilarious and completely endearing.

While the drama category generally gives a pretty good idea of what films will back raking in the awards throughout the season, the Best Picture Comedy/Musical category is always strange. Maybe one of two of the films nominated each year have a shot at the Oscar nomination, but usually this category nominates films that are going to fly completely below Oscars radar, or films that aren’t really that good at all. This year, critical darlings Happy Go Lucky and In Bruges garnered Best Picture and acting nominations, but as usual with films in this category, the Drama categories are so packed with heavy hitters like The Reader, Revolutionary Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Frost/Nixon that these two films will get very little recognition, if any at all, in the Oscar nominations.

While the Drama categories aren’t quite as filled with surprises and no-chancers, the split of the categories do allow for some pleasant surprises, like Kristen Scott Thomas’ nomination for I’ve Loved You So Long. It’s a film that hasn’t gotten too much Oscar buzz, but looking at the nominees in both Best Actress categories, this nod makes it seem very, very possible that KST will receive love from the Academy.

The Supporting categories are NOT split into Drama and Comedy (lord knows why not). Which makes the surprise nomination of Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder even stranger. The fact this this nomination is such a huge out of nowhere shock, combined with the fact that Josh Brolin, who has reveived INCREDIBLE reviews for his performance in Milk, is absent from the list, makes it doubtful that Cruise will ride this little surprise to Oscar glory.

And does the lack of a Best Picture nomination for The Dark Knight mean that it’s chances for a BP nod at the Oscars is dead? I don’t know. It certainly means that it’s not quite the lock that a lot of overzealous folk were claiming it was. I can say that I HIGHLY doubt that ANY of the BP Comedy/Musical nominees will make it to the Academy’s BP list. And it does seem very, very possible that GG’s Drama category will go 5/5 this year with Oscar. It looks to be extremely competetive, with no clear front runner at this point.


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