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The Most Pointless Tournament in the History of Time

Over at Hulu, there’s been this tournament going on – Best In Show – where popular television shows have been battling it out tourny style to see what show is, in fact, the best. Well, perhaps not best. But most loved by fans.

Yeah, read that again. Most loved by FANS. The people who are supposed to be voting in a fan-decided poll. The people whose votes only count for one vote.

So then why does super douche critic Ken Tucker get a vote that counts for 25% of the final vote?

Seriously, how does that make any sense? Why would you run a fan-based tournament only the set it up so that the critic gets to basically hand pick the finalists?

Let’s look at it like this. Say 100 people have voted. Show A has 60% of the vote, while Show B has 40% of the vote. Clearly, the fans have spoken. They prefer Show A. And not by some tiny difference of something like 5%. They prefer Show A by a pretty damn big 20%. That’s not something you can just brush off. In a poll that’s meant for the fans to be choosing their favorites, that means there is a clear winner.

And while the fans, who, again, this tournament is meant for, get votes that count as one vote, as one person, the Ken Fucker gets to swoop in with 25% of the vote. So, basically, his vote counts as if he were a bunch of people.  In our Show A and Show B scenario, there have now been 101 people who have voted, but that final 1 vote counts for several people instead of just the one it should count for. So now Show A has 48% and Show B has 52%.

Tell me I’m not the only one who sees how RIDICULOUS that is.

Seriously, what is the point of running a tournament for the fans if you’re just going to turn around and say to the critic who’s running it, “But if you don’t like the way things turn out, you can just pick who you want to win. It doesn’t matter.”

I really can’t think of any reason why Ken Tucker should have been allowed a 25% vote. Really. Give me a reason. I would love to hear it.

This is frakking playground behavior. This is the way a ten year old would behave, telling his classmates they’re allowed to play the game, but only if he wins in the end.

I can understand the need to have a high weighted vote in the case of a tie. That makes sense, giving the critic perhaps the “tie breaking” vote, or a vote worth something like MAYBE 5%. But 25%? That absolutely ludicrous, and it renders the entire thing pointless.

And before you ask, yes, it’s Community’s loss that triggered this rant. Am I getting a little overly upset about a television show losing? Yeah, probably. But if it had actually lost, fairly, through the actual votes of the fans I wouldn’t have been that upset. But the fact of the matter is that Community DID win. It DID beat The Simpsons. And not by some small margin, not by something so small that there needed to be a tie breaking weighted vote cast. It won by 20%. But because Ken Tucker doesn’t like Community, it doesn’t get to advance to the finals.

And that, my friends, is bullshit.

So the next time any site thinks of running a tournament like this, that’s “for the fans”, try actually making it for the fans, and not just another chance for some lame critic to jerk off over his favorite shows.

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Get Ready For the Golden Globes Tonight!

It’s an exciting night. Golden Globes night. Not quite as prestigious as the Oscars, but it’s still a celebration of film, with pretty dresses (I hope to god the red carpet is better than the travesty that was the Critics’ Choice Awards) and drunk celebrities.

And, more importantly, it will be thoughtful.thinking.thoughts’ first live blogging experience. I won’t blog the red carpet, but I will be live blogging the show. So keep checking back. It’ll be fun.

Every year I like to pretend I get to go to the awards shows and I spend hours on the internet looking for a dress I’d love to wear. This year I settled on this one…

Thought not in yellow. That color washes me out. Maybe a nice navy.

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Merry Christmas!

What a fantastic Christmas! I only asked for one thing (the Murnau, Borzage, and Fox box set). I got it, but my mom has this guilt thing where if there aren’t a lot of presents under the tree, she thinks she’s a bad mother. So she bought a lot of other stuff. I got the beautiful Cinemania 2009 calendar. A penguin stuffed animal to add to the millions of tiny stuffed animals that cover my desk. Some Jolly Rancher lip gloss (which is pretty cool, but apparently mom thinks I’m still 12). $25 of Regal Theaters gift cards. Candy (love, love, love Jelly Bellys). Pajamas (adorable pink ones with penguins all over). A few rings. A watch (a brown one, to go with my brown clothes, of which I have a lot. I’ve been wanting a brown watch for a long time). An electric blanket (which is amazing to have, especially when I wake up in the morning). And electric ice scraper for my car (I love it. When we had the ice storm, it took me nearly an hour to scrape the ice off, so this is a wonderful thoughtful gift. And my brother got me season 4 of Lost, which is spectacular.

I love Christmas. We always do a tiny Christmas Eve thing when my uncle and my parents’ best friend comes over, and we just hang out and talk. We’re one of those families that gets up at 7am to open presents. I didn’t take my sleeping medication until 1 am last night, when out guests left, so when my mom came to wake me up at 7 it was so hard to wake up.

Pretty soon we’re going to head over to my brother’s apartment for Christmas dinner with them and his wife’s mother and brother. I love seeing everyone, but I kind of don’t want to go the apartment because we just spent five days there when our power was out.

But we got the best Christmas gift of all when our power was restored on Tuesday. As soon as I got out of work, my mom and I loaded up the car and brought all our stuff home. It’s amazing how much crap we brought to that little apartment. The whole back seat and the trunk was filled with our crap. We spent Tuesday night putting the house back together so we could have our holiday festivites. And my cats did not freeze to death.

I have Christmas with Grandma on Sunday, so I’ll get a few more gifts. And I usually get money from other family members (and I already got ten from my grandpa and step-grandma). So, YAY!, I’ll have money to order those two Richard Widmark movies I couldn’t find (Night and the City and Don’t Bother to Knock).

This was just an amazing Christmas. Anybody else get some awesome gifts and have Christmas fun with the family?

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Something Rotten In the State of Fort Wayne

A sort of update on the “not having power” thing. Yes, on Sunday they told us Wednesday at 6 pm. I’ve been checking the website everyday to check our status. And every single day it’s said that the complaint was reported on December 19th. My mom has been calling every day, and it’s still always said Dec. 19th. She called again this morning, as usual. And now they’re telling her we might not have power until Friday. And when I checked the site, it now says that the complaint was reported on Dec. 23rd, not Dec. 19th.

So, yeah, AEP pretty much sucks and is kind of screwing us over. Thanks for ruining Christmas, AEP.

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Without Power Until Christmas Eve

I’m sure a great deal of you are aware of the horrible weather that hit the Midwest last week. Fort Wayne seemed to bear the worst of it. Not inches and inches of snow, but a horrible ice storm that knocked out the power through most of the town.

We’ve been staying with my brother and his wife in their apartment downtown. Downtown seems to be the only spot in town where the power was never knocked out.

My mom called as soon as the power was knocked out on Friday morning. We were told the power would be back on on Sunday. So we packed up and came here. On Friday night, the power was back on in the rest of our neighborhood. But a tree limb had taken out the power line in our back yard. So we were still left without power.

This is the third time in six months that a limb has taken out that power line. Last time, my dad asked them to attach it to the powerlines in the front of the house. The back year has a lot of tree in it, and as long as the power line is hooked up through the back, tress will be falling on it. They didn’t listen, and just hooked it up through the back again. If they had done what we asked in the first place, we would have power right now.

We got an automated call this morning on my mom’s phone asking us if we had power. Our hopes got all high, my dad went to check. Still no power. My mom called the power company.

They won’t get to us until Christmas Eve.

So, merry frakking Christmas.

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There’s Nothing Like a Sick Day

Yes, being sick really sucks. It’s something I’ve become used to over the years with an immune system that’s about as illness-proof as New Orleans is hurricane-proof. But when you were a kid, still in school, as horrible as feeling like complete shit was, it was still a day off. You may have felt horrible, but it was still a day to catch up on soap operas and play Chrono Cross until your thumbs cramped up.

Sick days aren’t as awesome when you’re an adult with a job, and when you call in on a Saturday your boss gets pissy with you, as though you’re last sick day wasn’t six frakking months ago, and as if you hadn’t take only TWO personal days in the entire year (for your brother’s wedding). Unless she’d rather I come into the store with a stomach flu and puke all over the customers and merchandise.

But, anyhoo, even with the added stresses of being an adult, there’s still something nice about a sick day. After you’ve puked all you can puke, and slept away most of the day, there’s that return to childhood. So what have I done with my day, after the puking out of guts and sleeping like a dead person?

Well, I caught up with my trashy soap operas. Yes, on a Saturday. Thank you soapnet. And with soapnet, that means more than just daytime soaps like General Hospital and One Life to Live (though they still don’t have my precious Guiding Light 😦 ) I also get to catch up on past seasons of One Tree Hill and 90210. I love you soapnet.

When I was in high school, sick days meant breaking out the West Wing tapes (usually season 2). Now I have all the season on DVD. I watched an episode of season 2 (Galileo has been my sick day go-to since 8th grade. That makes me feel a little old), but I get West Wing every single morning on Bravo now, so it didn’t seem quite as special. Which meant the Firefly DVDs came out. And that show is like crack. I can never just watch one episode. Before I know it, an entire disc has been watched, and I’m craving even more.

I also like watching movies I own that I don’t watch too often. I watch my DVD collection a lot. Whether it’s sitting down to seriously watch a movie, or just having something on in the background, I usually go through at least three movies a day. And while all of the movies in my collection do get rewatches, there’s s a handful that, for whatever reason, gets don’t get rewatched so frequently. So I break one of those out on the sick days. Today, that movie was The Phantom of the Opera. The musical. Parts of it are glorious. Parts of it are a glorious trainwreck. And I lurve it.

Then I just like to look at my Marvel trading cards. I have a complete collection of 1991, and a nearly complete collection of 1992 Marvel Universe cards in near perfect condition. And sometimes, I just like to look at them. Nothing wrong with that.

Then I dive into more comic goodness. Today I read some Watchmen (but I’ve been re-reading it, so that’s no different than any other day). Then I decided to dive into Sandman’s The Kindly Ones. That book is kind of gloriously epic, so I didn’t finish it. But I put a dent into it. And then I read Sin City’s Family Values, one of my favorite of the Sin City books, and probably the fastest read.

And then that brings me here, updating my blog. Good times.


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