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Golden Globes Fashion Run-Down: Best Dressed

While this red carpet was loads better than the Critics’ Choice Awards just a few days before, there really wasn’t much to get excited about. A lot of ladies wore extraordinarily boring gowns. There were a lot less dresses that I really went nuts over than usual.

Most Interesting

January Jones jazzed up the front of her dress a little, keeping it from being too boring, but not going overboard and making it look ridiculous. It’s just the right amount of folds and they don’t stick out crazily. And color is beautiful.


Kate Flannery from The Office chose a simple, but very sleek, elegant, and even sexy gown for the red carpet. Sometime, simple is the best way to go.

Most Goddess-like

Gina Torres is an extremely beautiful woman, and she doesn’t need a beautiful gown to look like a goddess. But this purple gown is perfect on her.

Bravest Color Choice

Seafoam in general is pretty largely maligned as the hideous bridesmaid color, but it looks beautiful on Julie Benz, making her skin look creamy.

Best Arm Candy

Jennifer Westfeldt is a very talented actress in her own right, but lately with these red carpets she’s just been the arm candy for her husband, Jon Hamm. But she almost always impresses me with her fashion choices. She chooses dresses that are mostly simple, that have just a little, tiny something to jazz it up.

Best Comeback

Thank god Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson broke up. She was also one of the best dressed at the Critics Choice Awards. There’s not a hint of the Dita Von Teese clone she was when she was dating Manson. She’s finally gone back to the beautiful young actress she was before.

Sexiest Class Act

Viola Davis has come out this season proving that she’s one sexy and classy lady, proving to some of younger Hollywood that you can be both at the same time, and it takes a lot more than a short skirt.

Most 1930s-ish

The 1930s is my favorite decade for pretty much everything, especially fashion, so I always love it when a dress like this shows up on the red carpet.

Biggest Surprise

I usually hate Eva Longoria’s dresses. She always wears these ugly, short, short, short things that make her look like she’s going clubbing rather than going to a formal even. So I was pleasantly surprised that she decided to actually act like she was going to a classy, formal event.

The ConsistencyAward

Laura Linney always looks fantastic. She always picks an amazing color, and the gowns always fit her like a glove, yet have a beautiful flow to them. And this time is no different.

The Princess Award

Christina Applegate looks like the most perfect princess. She chose a very simple style, but the bold gold makes is a little more snappy.

Best Red

The shape and fit of Kyra Sedgwick’s dress is perfect, but whatI love most about it is its shade of red. It’s not too bright, it’s nice and muted and calm.

Best Basic Black

This dress fits double winner Kate Winslet perfectly. I like that the skirt is kind of stick straight, while at the same time have a little bit of a loose flow to it. And the color is perfect, broken up with a slightly darked belt and simple jewel.

Best Overall Color

This is a pretty perfect dress. It fits her like a glove, absolutely perfectly. But the best part of it is easily its color. It’s bright, bold, and looks gorgeous on her.

Best “Golden Globes”

Get it? I’m talking about her boobs. This dress has landed on some worst lists, which is baffling. The color might be a little dull, but the way it’s cut and fit makes it perfect, sexy, and exciting.


Everything about this dress is lovely and feminine. A lot of people are saying it’s only good from the waist up, but the tiers are my favorite part.

Most Classic

The endlessly charming Elizabeth Banks looked like she was walking the red carpet in 1935. This dress is so beautiful and classic.

Overall Best Dressed

She’s having a fantastic season. I also thought she was the best dressed at the Critics’ Choice Awards. This dress is so beautiful. It fits her perfectly in the bodice, and it has the classic red carpet flowing skirt. She went with black, but kept it from being basic with a gorgeous print that’s just enough, not too over the top. This dress is perfect on her.


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Golden Globes Fashion Run-Down: Worst Dressed

Now, I’m no fashion expert. Oftentimes I’ll see something that is considered high fashion and be completely baffled by how anyone can think it looks good. I’m just a girl who knows the kind of clothes she likes, and the kind of clothes she doesn’t. And I LOVE pretty dresses. So awards shows are like crack to me.

I always like to get started with the worst, so let’s get this show on the road…

Most Boring

Jolie’s Globe’s dress looked a lot like the dress she wore to the Critics’ Choice Awards a few nights before, just with the sleeve cut off. Jolie is a lovely looking woman who can wear much more beautiful and interesting gowns than this baggy bore.

Best Corpse Bride

Hathaway needs to eat a sandwich or two. And she needs to not wear colors that make her skin look almost translucent, especially when the dress looks like a costume from a dark Tim Burton movie.

The Sewn At Home Award

This gown looks a lot like Diaz didn’t like the way it trailed on the ground, so she safety pinned it up herself. And the color does nothing for her.

Biggest Disappointment

Freida Pinto was one of the very best dressed at the Critics’ Choice Awards, so I was really excited to see what she would wear to the Globes. What a huge disappointment. The color is hideous and the way it gathers at the torso makes her look bulky.

Ugliest Print

Gyllenhaal is so beautiful, but she always dresses so strangely. This was the ugliest print on the red carpet, and the color is terrible, too.

The “Made Out of Stuff Found In the Garage” Award

I’m pretty sure this ‘dress’ is just a Hefty Garbage Bag with a flower sewn to it.

The “I Took a Nap In My Dress” Award

With its complete lack of shape or style, this dress would be horrible no matter what. But the bottom of it is literally wrinkled. And not in the “it’s supposed to be way.” It looks like the dress has been setting in a pile at the bottom of her closet for a week, or like she took a nap in it.


She was also one of the worst dressed at the Critics’ Choice Awards. I don’t understand why she dressed classier to that than she did to the Globes. She looks like wench on a pirate ship.

The Crazy Grandma Award

Recently, the older actresses like Helen Mirren have been proving that they can be just as classy and sexy as their younger colleagues. And Glenn Close completely set that back and decided to dress like a crazy old lady.

Overall Worst Dressed

Did she get dressed in the dark after doing a lot of coke? The skirt is kind of nice, but paired with that top, which is just baggy, ugly, and see-through, and the wretched hair, Zellwegger looks wretched.

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