Faulkner February Begins Again!

Yeah, it’s been FOREVER since I wrote anything here.  That’s what happens when you get a real job.

But it’s February. And I could never neglect the greatest time of the year, the amazing Faulkner February. Because Faulkner is too awesome to ignore.

Since I do have the aforementioned “real job”, Faulkner February won’t be as epic as it was last year. I don’t have time to read five or six books. Because I have to actually do work at this job. (Let’s all pause for a moment and remember that Saturday last February when I had one customer in six hours and managed to knock out over half of As I Lay Dying, or that Monday in the spring when I read all of the latest Sookie Stackhouse book in under ten hours because we were so dead. Good times, these were.) I’m just going to be focusing on The Sound and the Fury, mainly because I didn’t get to it last year. I won’t be doing daily “I read this today!” updates. I’ll start the month with an essay about Caddy Compson (which will hopefully be done in the next few days) and close it with an essay about why I think The Sound and the Fury is the Great American Novel. And I may have a few insights about what I read in between. We’ll see.

So, yeah. A less intense Faulkner February. But still an awesome one.


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