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Shipping Meme to Help Cope With Boredom

Six Ships I Love:
1. Josh/Donna (The West Wing)

2. Jeff/Annie (Community)

3. Jessica/Hoyt (True Blood)

4. Charlie/Claire (Lost)

5. Matt/Harriet (Studio 60)

6. Mason/Daisey (Dead Like Me)

Three Ships I Liked, But Don’t Anymore:
7. Jack/Kate (Lost)
8. Leslie/Mark (Parks and Rec)
9. Rachel/Jessie (Glee)

Three Ships I Don’t Like:
10. Sawyer/Kate (Lost)
11. Bill/Sookie (True Blood)
12. Jeff/Britta (Community)

Two Ships I Am Curious About, But Don’t Actually Ship:
13. Britta/Abed (Community)
14. Chance/Emma (Human Target)

1) Why do you dislike #11 so much? (Bill/Sookie)
Well, Stephen Moyer is a terrible actor, so it’s pretty hard to like Bill when he’s doing anything. He treats Sookie like property, gets pissy when she doesn’t do exactly what he wants her to, and treats her like a child. And Sookie, who is supposed to be this sassy badass, just takes it.

2) Who is someone you know that ships #13? (Britta/Abed)
Nobody specifically, but I know they exist in the fandom. Every ship in the Community fandom has at least one follower.

3) What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (even if the show isn’t on the air anymore)? (Jessica/Hoyt)
Jessica goes to Hoyt and confesses that she killed that guy, and Hoyt forgives her and helps her cover it up and cope with her first kill. And then they’re together forever.

4) Which is your favorite episode for #1? Try to pick just one. (Josh/Donna)
Probably 17 People. So much good snark, so many good revelations, and “If you were in an accident I wouldn’t stop for red lights.” Perfect.

5) How long have you been following couple #6? (Mason/Daisey)
I started Dead Like Me when it was in syndication about three years ago, and I started on season 2, so I missed a lot of the great buildup from the last half of season 2. But I caught up and they’re just wonderful.

6) What’s the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring? (Leslie/Mark)
They had good chemistry, and it was always nice when Mark did sweet things for Leslie, but in the end it kind of doesn’t measure out to how thoughtless he can be toward her. Tom was right when he said that Mark’s an idiot and Leslie can do better. And then Ron started being the one who did sweet things for her, but instead of them being undercut by him being a jerk, he’s always sweet, even if he masks it with a gruff exterior.

7) Which ship do you prefer, #2 or #4? (Jeff/Annie or Charlie/Claire)
Right now, Jeff and Annie, but probably just because Community is still on the air and we’re really only at the beginning of the ship.

8) You have the power to make one ship non-existant. Choose from #10 or #12. (Sawyer/Kate or Jeff/Britta)
Well, Sawyer/Kate don’t exist as a couple anymore. The finale made it clear that the Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Juliet were the people that were meant for each other. So I guess Jeff/Britta. They’re awesome as friends, but they just don’t work romantically.

9) What interests you about #14? (Chance/Emma)
Emma won’t take any of Chance’s crap, which is probably what he needs. But now that it seems Catherine probably isn’t really dead, he belongs with his true love.

10) When did you stop liking #7? (Jack/Kate)
I wouldn’t say I stopped liking them. I mostly always shipped them as the lesser of two evils just because I hated S/K so much. There was a string of a few episodes that made me ship J/K hardcore, but it didn’t last long. So I didn’t stop liking them. I just went back to being lukewarm.

11) Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show? (Jessie/Rachel)
Not at all. I liked Jessie/Rachel, but I still ship Puck/Rachel above them. The nonsensical character assassination of Jessie pissed me off, but not enough for me to not want to watch the show.

12) What’s a song that reminds you of #5? (Matt/Harriet)
Have a Little Faith In Me, the song that played during their argument montage at the end of K & R pt. 1. Perfect.

13) Which of these ships do you love the most?
At the moment, Jeff/Annie. But Josh/Donna is my all time favorite ship.

14) Which do you dislike the most?

15) If you could have any of these two pairings double date, who would it be?
Matt/Harriet and Josh/Donna. They’re both Sorkin pairings, so the dialogue would be AMAZING!

16) Have #2 kissed yet? Elaborate if you’d like. (Jeff/Annie)
Yes, twice! Let’s hope there’s a lot more kissing down the road.

17) Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn’t ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely? (Charlie/Claire)
Well, yes and no. I mean, Charlie died and Claire went crazy. But they found each other in the afterlife and were able to move on together.

18) What would make you start shipping #13? (Britta/Abed)
Some kind of indication from the writers that it would possibly happen. There have been a few cute moments, but at the moment I have a hard time actually visualizing them in a relationship, so I’d need to see that the writers could do it.

19) If only one could happen, which would you prefer – #2 or #6? (Jeff/Annie or Mason Daisy)
I guess Jeff/Annie. Mason/Daisy will probably always have a certain layer of fucked up/not getting their act together-ness. Jeff and Annie could actually work.

20) You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them? (Nick/Sara)
I don’t want them to get together just because they’re significant others both died on the island. I just want them to stay buddies.


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Favorite Lost Moments: 30-21

30. Imaginary Peanut Butter (1.08 Confidence Man)

Oh, Charlie and Claire! They were so cute in season one. I mean, they were always cute, but they were extra cute before she found out he was a drug addict and before he started hoarding heroine and before she didn’t want him around. Yeah, eventually that was cleared up and they got back together, but this is probably the flat out sweetest moment they had, and one of the sweetest moments in the series.

29. Make Your Own Kind of Music (2.01 Man of Science, Man of Faith)

They really didn’t make us wait long after opening up the hatch to tell us what was in it. The first scene of the first episode of the second season revealed it, only we probably didn’t realize it right away. Who was this guy, why were we watching him go through his morning routine, why is there…. oh. He’s inside the hatch. Huh. That’s not at all what I expected to find in there. Not only was it a man in the hatch, but Desmond frakking Hume, who turned out to be one of the best characters on the show.

28. Ethan Rom = Other Man! (1.10 Raised By Another)

For the record, I didn’t trust Ethan from the second we first met him. But really, that had nothing to do with the way the show was presenting him, and everything to do with the fact that he murdered Nick Stahl in In the Bedroom. Rewatching the episodes, I think the show actually does a pretty okay job of making Ethan look like a regular, not evil guy, so it is kind of a surprise when it turns out that not only is he an Other, but he also wants to kidnap sweet pregnant Claire. It was also the first time we ever got to see an Other.

27. Merging of the Tribes (2.08 Collision)

This is a really cathartic and heartbreaking moment shown brilliantly through two scenes. The first is the major reunion on the beach where Libby, Bernard, Michael, and Jin meet back up with the Lostaways on the beach, and the second is when Jack follows Eko out to where Shannon has been killed and sees Ana Lucia. The overall feeling of the moments is almost like a relief, with both sides finally knowing for sure that they aren’t alone. Jin and Sun reunite, as do Rose and Bernard, but the moment that really hits me is Michael being reunited with Vincent. Then the jungle scene is really sad, with Jack watching as Sayid carries Shannon’s dead body away and he meets up with Ana Lucia. Really, really great moment.

26. Eko’s Death (3.05 The Cost of Living)

Eko was a really awesome character that, sadly, due to real life stuff for the actor, left the show sooner than was planned. As a result, this tortured character’s death ended up being both peaceful and heartbreaking. Eko finally comes to terms with the man he is and the things he’s done, and the monster kills him for it. Despite a contentious relationship, Locke is genuinely upset by his death. And then Eko tells Locke that he’s next, which means so much more looking back now that we know everything that happened.

25. Sawyer Kills Sawyer (3.19 The Brig)

Locke couldn’t emotionally bring himself to kill his father (an interesting parallel to the Locke Monster not being able to physically kill Jacob, and to Ben being able to emotionally and physically kill both his father and Jacob). So (like Locke Monster) he manipulates someone else into doing it for him. It just so happens that Locke’s daddy is the man who scammed Sawyer’s mom which led to the death of both of his parents. This is the man he’s been looking to kill for most of his life, but what should be a cathartic moment is just upsetting and disturbing.

24. Ben’s Patricide (3.20 The Man Behind the Curtain)

Well, Ben’s got bigger balls than Locke. He’s also, under the surface, a lot more tormented and carrying around a lot more guilt. Him killing his daddy in close quarters like this is just another piece in the “Ben Linus is messed up” puzzle. And yeah, his dad was kind of a dick, but I don’t really think he deserved this. Watching Ben coldly watching his father die is a really sad moment.

23. We Have to Go Back! (3.22 Through the Looking Glass)

This was THE game changer of the series. After an episode of wondering what had happened in his past to fuck Jack up so much, and what made him turn around, we found out that it wasn’t the past at all, but HAPPENING AFTER HE AND KATE GOT OFF THE ISLAND. All those people who theorized that they’d never leave the island were proved wrong in this one epic moment. But really? It’s all about the JackBeard.

22. Juliet Falls (5.17 The Incident)

Yeah, in the season six opener, Juliet got a death scene where James got to hold her and say goodbye, but this moment was really way more heartbreaking because it  kind of came as a shock. With only  a few episodes, the Sawyer/Juliet relationship managed to become one of the best relationships on the show, so to see it end this way was just crushing. I don’t think Sawyer ever showed this much emotion at any other time.

21. Charlie Says Goodbye/The Night I Met You (3.21 Greatest Hits)

I combined these scenes as one moment because they go together to show how important the relationship of Charlie and Claire is. Charlie wants his friends to get home, but in the end, he’s really doing everything for Claire and Aaron. The three of them became a real family, and Charlie telling Aaron he loves him before leaving just completely breaks my heart into a million pieces.  And Claire being #1 on his greatest hits list just makes it all the more sad. I think the thing that left me most disappointed in the series is that Claire never got Charlie’s list like he wanted, and she never found the ring he left for Aaron.

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Justified and How My Crush on Walton Goggins Got Really Out of Hand Really Fast

I really did try to find a picture from the finale for the top of this article that wasn’t Walton Goggins, but in my extensive search, 9 out of 10 pics were pretty much this, so I decided to just go with it. Clearly, the internet loves Boyd Crowder as much as I do.

I’ve really enjoyed Justified a lot this season. I’ve always love Elmore Leonard’s work, and the show definitely channels the man writings in the best possible way, walking the line between funny and gritty expertly. But in the past few weeks I’ve gone from “really enjoying” to flat out obsessing like a crazy person.

Maybe it’s just that in the past few weeks most of the shows I watch have gone on hiatus, leaving Justified one of the few shows with new episodes left on the air. Maybe it just happened to get really, really good all of a sudden. Or maybe it because Walton Goggins’ amazing Boyd Crowder has played an increasingly more important part in the story throughout the last half of the season.

It’s probably that last one, because good lord, this crush I have on the man has gotten OUT OF HAND.

When I told my brother that I found Boyd Crowder very attractive, he gave me the, “What the hell? Why would you say that? You’re insane” look that I’ve grown pretty used to coming from him. And then I had more than one friend bring up my seemingly bizarre preoccupation with television criminals with wounded souls.

And I promptly told them all to shut the hell up.

So what if I think that Boyd Crowder is a wounded man who would probably benefit from somebody really loving him? That doesn’t make it weird or anything. And come on, it’s not like Walton Goggins is a bad looking man.

But, yeah, Justified is awesome, and its season finale “Bulletville” was probably my favorite finale of the season. And not just because of the copious amount of screentime dedicated to Boyd and his sadness.

A lot things came to a head in this epic episode. The contentious relationships between both Boyd and his father Bo, and Raylan and his father Arlo (and as much as I adore Boyd, the catch in Timothy Olyphant’s voice when he tells his father not to call him ‘son’ after discovering Arlo was planning to serve him up to Bo killed me, and really clinched that relationship as the more heartbreaking one), the growing tensions between Ava and the Crowders (and she does have a knack for getting kidnapped), whether or not Boyd’s conversion was for real (and, sadly enough for him, it was), and the inevitable clash between Raylan and the Crowders.

There’s still a lot left for next season though. Boyd, converted to the side of good but still reeling from the events of the episode, has taken off after the badass Miami cartel chick, and who knows what he’ll do if he catches her, and what he’ll do when he comes home to find all of his family’s criminal territory suddenly open? And what about the triangle of Ava, Raylan, and Winona? Poor Gary has gone to live at the athletic club (I feel really bad for Gary), so it seems that Winona is free and willing, but Raylan’s feelings for Ava still seem pretty present. And the Miami folks still want Raylan’s head. Hell, Gio probably wants him even more now that his nephew is dead.

So, now that we’ve established all that, let’s talk about the body count of this episode. Combining all the people Raylan managed to kill (and the ones Boyd managed to take care of), we have to add in all the Boyd’s men that Bo killed. So, let’s see…. I would round that up to maybe 20. Seriously. Whoa. I do love it when people get shot in this show.

The ending was pretty amazing. Boyd holds a gun on Raylan, not for any kind of, “Dude, you almost killed me that one time” reason, but just because he doesn’t want Raylan stopping him from going after the people who killed his family. Their exchange highlights the odd friendship that’s formed between them, and Boyd’s desire to get the people who killed his father makes one question if he would have been able to pull the trigger at all, and even if he had been, it shows the strange sense of familial honor he has. The final shot, Raylan aiming his gun at Boyd’s departing car, and only miming a shot, bookends the season nicely, since the premiere ended with him shooting Boyd in the chest. And it reminds us that he missed, probably intentionally. The two used to dig coal together, a dangerous profession, and one that can tie people together no matter what happens. But did he also maybe see something redeemable in Boyd, even then?

And, for the record, Bo’s American flag t-shirt is the greatest thing to ever happen to television.

I can’t wait for the next season.

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Favorite Lost Moments: 40-31

40. Hurley’s Bus (3.10 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead)

It had been a long time since Island Golf. Things really, really sucked through a lot of season 2 and most of season 3, especially for Hurley, who lost Libby just when things were starting. He needed a win. He got that win with the Dharma bus (that would come in handy later, as we’ve already seen). Such a simple moment shouldn’t have been so damn moving, but after the incredibly difficult block of episodes that started out season 3, Hurley getting the bus started with help from Jin, Sawyer, and Charlie.  It was such a beautiful, simple,  but much needed moment.

39. Charlotte’s Death (5.05 This Place Is Death)

I shipped Daniel/Charlotte SO hardcore. So, yeah, I was really upset when Charlotte died. You might be wondering, then, why I included it on the list. Yeah, it broke my heart, but… it broke my heart. Just because I didn’t want it to happen doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an incredibly well done moment. Daniel refusing to leave her was so sweet. 😦

38. Where are we? (1.02 Pilot pt.2 )

The question that pretty much set the entire tone for the series: Charlie’s “Guys…. where are we?” It was the whole scene though, Shannon’s translation of Rousseu’s transmission, Sayid figuring out the iterations, it all lent to the feeling of hopelessness that enveloped so much of the series, that the characters fought so hard against.

37. The Others Attack the Raft (1.23 Exodus)

As a viewer, I tried so hard to push down that feeling of hope and joy when Sawyer and Michael saw the blip on their radar and then the light from another boat hit them. I knew that it was only then end of the first season, and that unless the writers were going to totally blow our fucking minds, there was no way any of the Lostaways would be saved so soon. But I couldn’t entirely push it down, so my heart sank when it was revealed that the boat was filled with Others, and that they were going to take Walt. WAAAAAAALLLLLLTTTTTT!!!!!!

36. A Manly Goodbye (1.23 Exodus)

Jack and Sawyer have a complicated relationship. They’re two manly men with intense issues, and while they dislike very basic things about each other, they have a kind of grudging respect for one another. This dynamic made their goodbye before Sawyer left on the raft at the end of the first part of Exodus the most emotionally involving goodbye of the episode. There were no hugs, no punches thrown, and not even really a good-bye. Just a realization that Jack’s dad was the guy Sawyer had a long chat with in a Sydney bar.

35. Ben’s Sorry (6.07 Dr. Linus)

Ben is by far my favorite character, and I always knew that underneath the manipulative, seemingly evil exterior was a damaged man who just wanted to be accepted, who really was capable of good. While we’d seen hints of that throughout the series, it was in his flashsideways centric Dr. Linus that we finally saw that all come to the surface. He admits to Ilana that he killed Jacob, and apologizes for it, admitting that killing Jacob hurt him as well. When he says he’s going to go to the Locke Monster, not because he believes in NotLocke’s plan, but because nobody else will have him, Ilana replies, “I’ll have you.” And Ben finds the forgiveness and acceptance he’s been searching for his entire life.

34. Sun’s Ultrasound (3.18 DOC)

I believe that Sun and Jin, while not my favorite couple, are the romantic heart of the show. So the thought that Jin might not be the father of her baby made me really sad. In DOC we finally found out the baby was Jin’s. The combination of Sun seeing her baby for the first time and finding out that is was Jin’s was one of the most purely joyful moments of the series, but in the end it was mixed with the sad realization that since the baby was conceived on the island, she had to leave it before the third trimester, or both she and the baby would die.

33. If we can’t live together, we’re gonna die alone (1.05 White Rabbit)

With the way the series ended, it’s easy to forget that in the beginning Jack had a difficult time accepting the leader role. But by the end of White Rabbit he knew it was his job and that everyone needed him to take charge. His speech culminated in what might be the most important line in the series: “If we can’t live together, we’re gonna die alone.”

32. Libby Kisses Hurley (2.18 Dave)

Most people would choose the moment the comes immediately after this one, where we discover Libby was in the same crazy house as Hurley. That’s an awesome moment (and it fueled my “Lost is a Guiding Light spinoff and Roger Thorpe is alive and running the island” theory), but I much, MUCH prefer this wonderful and sweet moment. Hurley is such an awesome guy. Sweet, funny, adorable, total nerd. He so deserved a girl to love him, and it was wonderful that Libby wanted him and accepted him the way he was. It just sucked that it didn’t last long because of the whole murder thing.

31. Ben Says Goodbye to Alex (4.09 The Shape of Things to Come)

LOST has a lot of issue laden parent/child relationships, and Ben’s relationship with Alex probably turned out to be the most tragic. Before running away from the Smoke Monster, Ben went to say goodbye to the daughter who was just murdered. Michale Emerson’s performance in this scene was absolutely unbelievable. He’s grieving for his daughter, while having the knowledge that he was responsible for her death. So sad.

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Favorite LOST Moments – 50-41

LOST has been finished for just over a week now. I won’t lie, I was a total mess at the end of the series finale, embarrassing myself horribly in front of my friends. I wanted to do a LOST post right after the end, but I realized I wasn’t ready. I hadn’t really come to terms with the fact that it was over. I’m still not entirely there, but I’m in what I think is a really great place to look back at my favorite LOST moments.

The list started at 10, then it grew to 25, then to 40, and I finally decided I had to stop at 50.

I’m one of the viewers who was always so much more interested in the characters and their development than I was in the mysteries of the island. Don’t get me wrong, I was fascinated by those mysteries, but what really kept me watching was the characters and the their relationships.  If the show was just those mysteries without the amazing characters, I probably wouldn’t have been too interested in the show, whereas if the characters had come together in some other way, I would be extremely invested in it.

So all of that is just a way of saying that my list might be different from a lot of other people’s because I focused much more on the characters. There are plenty of island mystery entries, but I think there’s definitely an emphasis on the characters.

So, on with the show!

50. Arzt Goes Boom (1.23 Exodus)

It was just so unexpected. Arzt was kind of a dick. But he knew science-y stuff, so it seemed like maybe he’d become a regular castmember in the second season. And he was actually kind of brave, being the one to handle the dynamite. And then he FRAKKING EXPLODED. It was gruesome and totally nuts. And it gave us the great line, “You’ve got some Arzt on you.”

49. Juliet Wants to Go Home (3.16 One of Us)

Elizabeth Mitchell is such an amazing actress, and it’s crazy she never got an Emmy nomination for playing Juliet. She’s INCREDIBLE in this scene. It’s such an emotionally intense moment, and that because the performance from both Mitchell and Michael Emerson are just perfect.

48. Jack and Kate in New Otherton (3.13 The Man From Tallahassee)

I always shipped Jack and Kate as the lesser of two evils. I didn’t love them together, I wasn’t dying to see them hook up. I just hated the Sawyer/Kate ship so much. But there was a run of episodes in the third season where the Jack/Kate ship was handled so well that I actually shipped them hardcore for a few weeks, and most of it came from this scene. It was just SO well done. The chemistry between Fox and Lilly was the strongest it ever was, and even though they only touch each other once, the scene feels so incredibly intimate. Again, so well done.

47. There’s a Light (1.19 Deus Ex Machina)

Back in the simpler days when we thought that that the hatch was the answer to it all, having no idea what was in it, if it was a person, if it was a robot, if it was an alien. That light coming on when Locke was at his most confused and desperate was one of the most exciting moments of the first season.

46. The Red Sox Win the Series (3.02 The Glass Ballerina)

Jack watches a recording of the Red Sox winning the series. Okay, doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is to Jack, because the idea that the Sox would never win the series was Jack’s idea that some things just aren’t going to happen. Just the look on his face… and I’m so totally sad for him that he didn’t get to see it happen live.

45. Island Golf (1.09 Solitary)

Yet another “in a simpler time” entry. It had been a difficult nine eight episodes for our Lostaways leading up to Solitary. So it was nice to see them have a chance to unwind. It was definitely  a way for them all to bond and form their friendships.

44. The Day is Saved By Hurley’s Bus and Sayid’s Legs (3.22 Through the Looking Glass)

Things were not looking good for Sayid, Jin, and Bernard. They had selflessly stayed behind to make sure the plan worked, but then they were captured by the Others. Juliet and Sawyer were trying to figure out a way to save them, when Hurley showed that he could be a hero by plowing down a guy with the Dharma bus he’d fixed up. And then Sayid, still tied up, broke some guy’s neck with his legs. BAD ASS.

43. Got Milk? (2.16 The Whole Truth)

Before Ben was the show’s most complex character, he was a mysterious guy who we couldn’t decide if he was good or bad. This kind of clenched the “bad” side (even though we discover later that he’s not actually all bad). After describing a “hypothetical” situation where he sends Charlie, Sayid, and Ana to a place to be killed in a super creepy way, he asks for some milk. I love you, Benjamin Linus.

42. Keamy Kills Alex (4.09 The Shape of Things to Come)

Man, if you didn’t hate Keamy before, this was the scene that pretty much closed up that matter. He killed her without even blinking. It’s such an intense and heartwrenching scene, with Alex begging her father to save her life, and Ben failing to do so. The look on Ben’s face at the end of the scene is one of the most memorable shots of the series.

41. Eloise Kills Her Own Son (5.14 The Variable)

It’s really hard to properly express the tragedy of this scene. I loved Daniel Faraday, and I was not expecting him to die, so the second he was shot my heart broke. But then it was revealed that Eloise had shot him, and that she was his mother. She killed her own son without even realizing it. So damn heartbreaking.

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