Oscars Live Blog

8:53 pm: This thing is totally starting late. My mom was all, “Oh, watch the first few awards with me.” So I did. Rundown so far…. I miss Jon Stewart, but I liked the number a lot. This whole presenting thing is going to take FOREVER. I’d so much rather see clips. And I haven’t seen Vicky Christina Barcelona, but I wanted Amy Adams to win. Now, Steve Martin and Tina Fey are being funny and presenting Original Screenplay…

8:56 pm: Wow, I haven’t seen any of these movies. And the winner is…..Milk.

9:03pm: Animated Picture…. Yeah, I don’t even have to wait for them to announce it. The award goes to Wall-E.

8:59pm: Steve Marting is HILARIOUS. Now onto adapted…. I’m hoping for Button, but I’m not expecting it. The winner is…. Slumdog. Of course.

9:02pm: I totally spelled Steve Martin’s name wrong up there. Oh well, nothing I can do now. It’s a live blog, bitches!

9:07pm: It’s like I’m a prophet.

9:08pm: Hmmm…. animated short. I CERTAINLY haven’t seen these nominees.

9:10pm: HA! Best thank you of the night. Mr. Roboto. Hehe.

9:15pm: They need to realize that people don’t watch these things for the stupid fucking interludes.

9:17pm: Oh man, please let at least one award tonight go to Revolutionary Road.

9:18pm: Art Direction goes to Benjamin Button. My favorite movie of the year, so I’m more than okay with this. Revolutionary Road still has costume design, I think. Because lord knows Michael Shannon’s not winning.

9:19pm: Costume Design…. The Duchess. Blech. And Revolutionary Road wins no Oscars. This is my sad face.

9:23pm: I can’t understand why there’s a horse presenting all these awards. Is it the horse Craig rode in Defiance? Oh well, Make-Up goes to…..Benjamin Button. Of course. The only answer.

9:25pm: OH MY GOD, IT’S EDWARD! I’m dazzling and dazzled! *Sparkle* Wait….. I don’t like that these two are talking about my classic movies. NO!!! Don’t you dare connect Wings to Twilight and Mama Mia! FUCK YOU!

9:32pm: People need to stop making fun of Joaquin Phoenix. It’s breaking my heart.

9:34pm: I’m not sure what category this is. Oh, cinematography. I can’t believe Revolutionary Road wasn’t nominated. OH  MY GOD. Slumdog’s cinematography wasn’t that amazing. I can’t believe Button didn’t win.

9:37pm: Oh no! This is the commercial with the dog that makes me weep. I thought they didn’t show this one anymore!

9:43pm: I don’t get this…..

9:46pm: I don’t get it!

9:51pm: Hmmmm… I wish Nathan Fillion would make a good series.

9:52pm: Oh, I’m not pleased with this number.

9:53pm: Kill it. Please.

10:01pm: Finally, an award I really care about! Supporting Actor!

10:03pm: Oh, Joel Grey is presenting! I love him!

10:07pm: And the winner is…… Heath Ledger.

10:11pm: That was pretty rough.

10:15 pm: Man on Wire. duh.

10:19 pm: WHAT? An action movie montage? What is this, the MTV movie awards?

10:22pm: That Jimmy Kimmel commercial was hilarious.

10:24pm: Yeah….. I love Wanted.

10:26pm: Effects awards. These tech awards kind of suck. Because of them, Pearl Harbor is an Oscar winner. But hey, Button just won another award.

10:30pm: I don’t know the difference between sound editing and sound mixing.

10:35pm: Editing goes to Slumdog Millionaire…… eh……

10:41pm: I kind of hate Jerry Lewis. I’m taking a shower now. I’ll see you in 5-10 minutes.

10:50pm: Oh, they’re talking about Moon River! That’s my favorite song.

10:53pm: Original score goes to….Slumdog. This is getting ridiculous. I liked the movie, but no, the score was not better than Benjamin Button. Or Defiance, for that matter.

11:00pm: This medley sucks.

11:01pm: Original song goes to something from Slumdog. Jesus. Of course, we all know it REALLY goes to Bruce Springsteen.

11:05pm: Oh my god, Liam Neeson is sexy.

11:07pm: I didn’t see any of these movies. I hate myself.

11:11pm: Richard Widmark better be in this tribute…

11:15pm: We lost too many greats this year. A little insulted Anita Page wasn’t included. She was the last living attendee of the first Academy awards ceremony.

11:18pm: Director… too bad Fincher won’t take it.

11:20pm: Danny Boyle takes it. Is it weird that I’d even want Ron Howard to win over him? Because I would.

11:24pm: If Winslet doesn’t win, someone’s getting punched in the face.

11:32pm: I don’t think I’ve ever been happier at an Oscar win!

11:36pm: I honestly don’t care what happens anymore. Kate won. I’m happy.

11:37pm: Wow, one quick clip of Yul Brenner and all I can think about is his TERRIBLE performance in The Sound and the Fury. That movie is insulting to the book.

11:43pm: Best Actor goes to…. Sean Penn. Haven’t seen Milk, but I was so rooting for Rourke.

11:47pm: Hey, we’re onto picture. Let’s not even kid ourselves with this presentation thing. It goes to Slumdog. Okay.

11:52pm: Damn, I should have entered an Oscar pool this year. I would have made a fortune.

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One response to “Oscars Live Blog

    I was hoping that milk would won Best Picture or at least Beast Actor, but wasn’t expecting it. Well, I’m glad it won something because it was one of the best films this year.

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