Golden Globes Live Blog!

Here it is, bitches, the GG Live Blog at thoughtful.thinking.thoughts!

8:00pm: Live blogging gets started a little late. Supporting Actress category being announced as I start. What the hell is Marisa Tomei wearing? AND KATE WINSLET WINS!!!!Β  YAY!!!! Oscar next, bitches!

8:02pm: Ha! “I have a habit of not winning things”. Sadly true. People are finally getting smart enough to give her awards! Anyhoo, who wants to know why I’m frantically late on starting this? I went to see Benjamin Button. 4:30 showing. First of all, the screen freezes on that “Please turn off your cell phones” thing for 10 minutes. Then there were 30 minutes of trailers. And then when it let out there was ice and snow on the roads and it took forever to get home. I literally just walked in the door.

8:04pm: God, Sting is still hot.

8:08pm: Let’s take the commercial break to talk about how sad I am that I missed the red carpet because of Regal Theaters’ ineptitude. I’ll have to compile my Best Dressed list completely thought pictures. 😦

8:11pm: What the frack? There’s some weird audio lag going on on my NBC affiliate…. this night just gets better and better.

8:12pm: There was just some guy walking aroud with a chair hoisted above his head. You don’t get this stuff at the Oscars. And that Willis girl looks like a dude.

8:14pm: I wonder if Jeremy Piven will stop winning things now that people are discovering what a fucking douchbag he is.

8:14pm: For those getting all their info on the winners here (I feel so sorry for you), here’s the count so far…

Best Supporting Actress: Kate Winslet, The Reader
Best Original Song: The Wrestler from The Wrestler
Best Supporting Actor-Television: Tom Wilkinson, John Adams
Best Supporting Actress-Television: Laura Dern, Recount

8:19pm: My mom agrees with me that the Willis girl looks like a man. A tall, scary man.

8:22pm: I’ll take this commercial to talk about how I adored Benjamin Button. I found it to be a profoundly moving experience and I really hope it wins.

8:23pm: Don Cheadle is in Hotel For Dogs? Oh, what happened to you…

8:25pm: Brad Pitt really is quite talented. I can’t believe that’s Benjamin Button in Burn After Reading. And, oy, they had to go remind me of The Spirit and Eva Mendez. I hate you, and what you did to Sand Saref.

8:26pm: Someone has a hard-on for Speilberg…

8:27pm: Jonathan Rhys Meyers will always look like a paedophile. And Gabriel Byrne wins Best Actor-Television Drama. And he’s not there. Which seems to flummox Hayden Panetierre and Zac Effron.

8:28pm: Good lord, the patter this year is brutal.

8:29pm: Best Actress Television Drama – Anna Paquin, True Blood. Huh. Oh, Golden Globes and your strange television awards. Do you all just get together and smoke some hash before you watch your screeners?

8:35pm: Ricky Gervais is the best person ever.

8:37pm: Thanks, announcer guy. I think I can figure out who the stars of the Jonas Brothers movie is.

8:39pm: Best Animated Feature – Wall-E. Yeah, I wrote that before they even announced it. Do you really think it’s not going to win. I’m typing this as clips for the other movies are playing. Because Wall-E is obviously going to win. It’s the only shoe-in of the night. And I still haven’t seen it. What is wrong with me. And there it is, they just announced its win.

8:40pm: Could Depp BE more uncomfortable?

8:41pm: Actress Musical/Comedy – Sally Hawkins, Happy Go Lucky. Side note, people are starting to spurn the Golden Globes like they’re the People’s Choice Awards or something.

8:42pm: Oh! I want to know what Meryl Streep said to Sall Hawkins! There should be a new rule that every table has to have a mic on it so we can hear these things. Oh, it’s so sweet! She’s crying! It’s so wonderful to see people who really, genuinely appreciate it.

8:45pm: and the audio has failed us. This is like, a D-grade production.

8:49pm: Random observtion… I don’t think there were any baby bumps on the red carpet this year. Is the celebrity baby boom fad done with? Hey, a Heroes preview! Peter lost his Batman voice! Yay!

8:50pm: Another random observation.. Melissa George is pretty. And now Benjamin Button is being presented. Good lord, I loved this movie so much. It was so incredibly moving. Absolutely perfect and beautiful.

8:51pm: I think there might be something living in Drew Barrymore’s hair….

8:54pm: TV Miniseries or Movie – John Adams. Duh. It’s weird. A few years ago I was so into every tv movie/miniseries I could get my hands on. That totally died. The only one of these I’ve seen is Raisin in the Sun. And that’s only because we watched it in my theater class. And that’s only because we couldn’t find the Sidney Poitier version.

8:56: Supporting Actor Motion Picture…. Everyone seems to love Tropic Thunder…. huh… that makes me a little nervous for my Joker… let’s see… Few, thank god…. Heath Ledger wins. Poor Chris Nolan, having to accept all these awards for his late friend… observation… at the Critics Choice Awards all the fellow nominees looked thrilled for him…. not this time around…

8:58pm: Chris Nolan is eloquent and completely and totally correct.

9:03pm: Tom Brokaw has a funny voice.

9:04pm: Man, I remember when I used to think Colin Farrell was SO hot. That was a REALLY long time ago.

9:06pm: Best Foreign Language Picture – Waltz With Bashir

9:07pm: Okay, is anyone else getting that weird echo?

9:08pm: Oh, god! Maggie Gyllenhaal is so pretty. Why does she dress like that? Why?

9:09pm: Actress tv movie – Laura Linney, John Adams. Side note… I think Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal might be banging each other.

9:13pm: Ah, the International trailer. Yes please, I would like to make a deposit.Β  A deposit of MURDER.

9:16pm: So Zack and Miri bombed so bad they couldn’t introduce Banks and Rogen as “The stars of Zack and Miri”…..

9:17pm: Best Screenplay – Slumdog Millionaire

9:19pm: Television Actor Comedy – Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock. Oh, David Duchovney…. you lost your wife and the Golden Globe. But I’m pretty sure you didn’t lose the award because of your sex addiction…. or did you…. hmmm….. Sex Addiction…. it loses you Golden Globes…. that sounds mildly sexual.

9:26pm: OH MY GOD, IT’S A MONSTER….. no, wait… it’s Renee Zellwegger…. yes, it’s a monster!!!!!

9:28pm: Tv Movie Actor – Paul Giamatti, John Adams

9:30pm: Please let’s speed up the speeches. I have to pee so fracking bad.

9:31pm: Gah, Glenn Close! Just because you’re old, that doesn’t mean you have to dress like a crazy person.

9:32pm: Television Comedy – 30 Rock. I really do enjoy the hell out of that show.

9:35pm: Tracy Morgan provided one of the most entertaining moments of the evening so far.

9:38pm: David Duchovney should feel guilty. He sex addiction is ruining ALL the awards for Californication.

9:40: Ummmm… I might just be seeing what I want to see… but was that Twin Peaks villain Wyndom Earle in the commercial for The Last Templar?

9:42pm: My affiliate is RAPING the audio tonight.

9:43pm: Best Score – Slumdog Millionaire.


9:45pm: Actress TV Comedy – Tina Fey, 30 Rock

9:47pm: Tina Fey gives the best acceptance speech of the night. I kind of wish I had made fun of her so she would tell me to suck it.

9:50pm: My affiliate is now raping EVERYTHING. The Friday Night Lights ad turned into green snow for about 15 seconds.

9:52pm: Oh god, the Cecil B. Demille award…. this would be the time that it would be okay to rape the live feed, NBC affiliate…

9:55pm: I really want the Oscars or the Globes to give David Lynch the big lifetime achievement award.

9:58pm: Man, Munich is a good movie.

9:59pm: Twister and Men In Black should NEVER be included in an awards reel.

10pm: I’ll take the always boring acceptance speech to look at some pictures from the red carpet…

10:08pm: looking at some red carpet pics…. so far, definitely better than the travesty that was the Critics Choice Awards…. but I’m not really wowed by anything. How sad.

10:11pm: Dustin Hoffman looks thrilled.

10:12pm: Best Director – Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire.

10:13pm: Danny Boyle looks like Harry Potter.

10:16pm: I can’t believe Sandra Bullock is wearing one of the best dresses of the night. I still hate her. She sounds like a moron up there.

10:18pm: Best Actor Comedy/Musical – Colin Farrell, In Bruges

10:25pm: how is it that Salma Hayek still only barely speaks english?

10:26pm: Ha! A plastic surgery joke in relation to Benjamin Button. I so didn’t see that coming.

10:27pm: Best Musical/Comedy – Vicky Christina Barcelona

10:31 pm: Did they hire an actual retarded person to write the announcer’s stuff?

10:35pm: Freida Pinto’s dress is so disappointing.

10:36pm: Best Actress Drama – Katie Winslet, Revolustionary Road!!!!!!! OH MY GOD SHE WON DOUBLE!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!

10:38pm: Oh my god, I love Kate Winslet so much.

10:41pm: Blake Lively looks a little less boring with Rainn Wilson standing next to her.

10:42pm: Best Drama Television – MAD MEN!!!!! WHOOOOO!

10:48pm: Best Actor Drama – Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler. Awww……. I’m really happy for him.

10:51pm: AH! Darren Aronofsky just gave the middle finger on live tv! Awesome!

10:52pm: Wow…. that just became the most depressing accaptance speech I’ve ever heard.

10:56pm: Best Pic time. I’m getting sleepy. Thank god.

10:57pm: The Winner is……………………………. Slumdog Millionaire

10:58: What a night. I’m pretty sure all of Hollywood was wasted. Good show. Thanks, Fort Wayne NBC affiliate for raping the broadcast. Stay tuned tomorrow sometime for my fashion rundown.



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27 responses to “Golden Globes Live Blog!

  1. ralphvanz

    It isn’t live on any of the Dutch, Belgium, German, French, English, Spanish, Italian or Swiss channels I can receive. So I’ll read this as a live feed.

  2. ralphvanz

    How “bad” is The Spirit? I own all the non-Spirit Eisner comics/graphic novels in multiple languages. I own Contract with God in four languages including Yiddish and Hebrew. And I have about half of all the Spirit comics. I going to see it in Februari, but I’ll be so afraid to watch it.

  3. obscureclassics

    I love the comic. It’s one of my all time favorites.

    The movie rapes everything great about it.

  4. ralphvanz

    I was afraid of that. 😦

  5. ralphvanz

    I vagely know a Dutch film journalist he can vote for the Globes. And he doesn’t have mine or your taste in movies.

  6. ralphvanz

    TripZone just linked me an on-line stream for the Globes. I can watch the rest…


  7. obscureclassics

    But…. you’re probably the only read I have….. 😦

  8. ralphvanz

    I’ll keep reading in the meanwhile…. πŸ™‚

  9. ralphvanz

    I need to see Happy-Go-Lucky. I’ll buy the DVD tomorrow. You can’t go wrong with a Mike Leigh film.

  10. ralphvanz

    I’m not gonna be on-line during Oscar night. I’m going to Amsterdam and where there’s a special marathon where you can watch five nominated films. Afterwards you can watch the Oscars live (it will be between 2 and 7am here) on one of the oldest screens in Amsterdam. I know somebody who works there, so we’ll be sitting on the balconies on the best seats with the rest of the employees, just like last year.

  11. ralphvanz

    John Adams!! It was good, but it’s only performance ever by Sarah Polley that I didn’t like.

  12. ralphvanz

    Heath!! He should have also won that if I hadn’t passed away. So it’s a fair win.

  13. ralphvanz

    I missed Waltz With Bashir at my local film festival last year. 😦

  14. ralphvanz

    If Paul Giammatti doesn’t win…….

  15. ralphvanz

    “In Bruges” was one the greatest films of the year.

  16. ralphvanz

    Duchovney can still win a Raspberry for that second X-Files film.

  17. ralphvanz

    Zellweger looks like she just woke up.

  18. ralphvanz

    Paul’s speech is great.

  19. ralphvanz

    Too bad, no Alexandre Desplat.

  20. ralphvanz

    Do you need the link to the on-line stream?

  21. ralphvanz

    Katie, you can watch it online.

  22. ralphvanz

    The live feed is gone… 😦

  23. ralphvanz

    Too bad for Brendan. I liked him better in it.

  24. berlinalexanderplatz

    i’m reading!

  25. ralphvanz

    Hooray for Kate’s double win.

    Why the hell isn’t Mad Men broadcasted here anywhere yet??? Time to blind buy a reg. 1 season. I guess I’ll love it.

  26. ralphvanz

    Goodnight, Katie. It’s 5am here. 😦

  27. Ben W

    Hey Katie, thanks for the blog.

    I’m interested in your opinion on Benjamin Button, considering you loved it so much. I really did like it also, but disagreed with a few of the creative choices in the film. For example, I didn’t particularly feel that the Katrina backdrop was a necessary addition to the story. I mean, I understand why it was included, but it actually detached me from the film a bit. I thought it was sort of sqeezing every last bit of sentiment you could out of the audience, and while you could argue that Katrina “pushed New Orleans backwards” it still felt a little trite to me.

    I had issues with the time spent on each specific segment as well. There were periods in Benjamin’s life that I wanted to learn a good bit more about, where as there were others that weren’t quite as interesting to me that i felt could have been shortened. Ultimately the whole film wroks, pacing-wise, so I’m sure the filmmakers had to make some concessions about this stuff and maybe there were some developments that were trimmed for that sake, but even though the story is dictated by the time Ben spends with his true love, the idea of a “young” man with the wisdom of a fifty-something makes for some pretty cool narritive possibilities, and I wish i could have seen an extended segment or two during his travels. But, as i said, the pacing worked as is, so that’s almost a moot argument.

    Anyway, I’m happy Kate won twice for sure, and it’s good to see Slumdog get so much positive attention. I think it’s now the likely favorite for the Oscar.

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