Get Ready For the Golden Globes Tonight!

It’s an exciting night. Golden Globes night. Not quite as prestigious as the Oscars, but it’s still a celebration of film, with pretty dresses (I hope to god the red carpet is better than the travesty that was the Critics’ Choice Awards) and drunk celebrities.

And, more importantly, it will be thoughtful.thinking.thoughts’ first live blogging experience. I won’t blog the red carpet, but I will be live blogging the show. So keep checking back. It’ll be fun.

Every year I like to pretend I get to go to the awards shows and I spend hours on the internet looking for a dress I’d love to wear. This year I settled on this one…

Thought not in yellow. That color washes me out. Maybe a nice navy.


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One response to “Get Ready For the Golden Globes Tonight!

  1. Indeed, very pretty dress ! I’ll be looking forward to your live blogging 🙂
    I’m rooting for Kate Winslet (although Meryl Streep is another favourite and apparently Anne Hathaway is impressive in Rachel), Vicky Christina Barcelona, Mad Men and Cranford.

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